"I keep my promises": Lukaku vows to PLENTY GOALSCORING with Inter

"I keep my promises": Lukaku vows to PLENTY GOALSCORING with Inter

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 29 Jun 2022

 It's official! Romelu Lukaku will be playing for Inter Milan the coming season, getting his dream to return to Milano after a hellish year at Chelsea. The Belgian striker had been pushing for the move since December 2021 and now he finally gets his wish, as he escapes Thomas Tuchel's squad.

Romelu Lukaku will be an Inter player once again

The buzz around Milano started early in the day, as Lukaku arrived at 6:30 AM to complete his medical examination and sign the final paperwork to once again become an Inter player. Despite harsh words from the ultras in the days coming to the announcement of the deal, Inter fans followed Lukaku everywhere, from the clinic where his medical took place to the seat of the Italian Olympic Comitee, where the contract was signed. At one point, he even had to show up from a window to wave at the fans.

Now, the deal has been confirmed, with Lukaku posing with Inter president Steven Zhang from the roof of the club's HQ in a video uploaded to social media. There, Lukaku was very clear about how important it was for him to return to Inter. "I'm very happy, thanks for the confidence", said Big Rom visibly happy,   also adding "Remember three years ago? Being over here? We're back".

When asked if he'll score lots of goals for Inter in the coming season, Lukaku left no room for doubts: "That's what we're here for. I keep my promises, you know that".

Romelu Lukaku scored 64 goals and gave 16 assists in 95 games for Inter, also forming a deadly partnership with Inter's current leading striker, Lautaro Martinez. He rejoins Inter after leaving just a year ago to Chelsea, with the deal completed for a loan fee of 8 million euros and the Italian club covering his wages.

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