"Now he's one of many": Inter fans group not dazzled by Lukaku return

"Now he's one of many": Inter fans group not dazzled by Lukaku return

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 22 Jun 2022

 "No single player is bigger than the club" is one of football's oldest truths. In this modern age, where players (particularly top stars) seem to be able to change clubs on a whim and pick and choose where they'll play next, it often feels a bit meaningless. However, Inter Milan's ultra group Curva Nord seem decided on reminded everybody how things should.

Inter Milan ultra fans group Curva Nord

Most Nerazzurri fans have been celebrating the return of Romelu Lukaku to the Milanese team, less than a year from his departure to Chelsea FC, but not the Curva Nord. In a statement published in their social media accounts, the fan group clearly stated that not everything is forgetten between them and the Belgian star. "He was treated like a King, now he is one like many others", reads one of the sharpest points of the text.

They insist that "Curva Nord supports Inter and will not make any objection to the player (despite last summer's behavior)", referring to Lukaku's push for a move to Chelsea twelve months ago. However, they will not be giving away praise for free:  "Anything that will eventually be said of him in the future will have to be earned in the field with humility and sweat". 

The Curva Nord wants Inter fans respecting the history of the club and not falling head over feet for Lukaku:  "We invite all Inter fans not to fall into the opposite trap, that of running immediately and drooling after him. We are not gentlemen at the mercy of the moves of players and clubs. We took note of Lukaku's betrayal and we were very upset. These things can be forgiven over time, but not forgotten".

Romelu Lukaku got his dream move back to Inter, but it seems he'll have to convice some of the fans

They also have a message for Big Rom himself, who insisted in December that returning to Inter was one of his dreams: "Now, Romelu, long ball and run after it". It seems while Romelu Lukaku got his wish, he'll have to work hard to prove some of the Inter fans that he truly sees his mistake of last year. He will certainly have to up his numbers from last season, when he just scored 15 goals in 44 matches for Chelsea.

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