Luis Enrique is FURIOUS: "My job is more difficult than being a journalist"

Luis Enrique is FURIOUS: "My job is more difficult than being a journalist"

The Spanish coach was called into questions and he did not hesitate to tell the press what he thought about them

Martes 27 Sep 2022

 Luis Enrique was questioned by some of the journalists at his press conference, and he fired back. The Spanish National Team coach was furious when his team selection was called into question ahead of La Roja's clash with Portugal, and he did not bite his tongue when it came to telling the reporters what he thought of them.

Luis Enrique wasn't happy with the press' questions

Luis Enrique wasn't happy with the press' questions

Prior to the crucial match against Portugal, where the two teams will compete for a spot in the Nations League final four, the European teams prelude to competing in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Spanish coach Luis Enrique held a press conference.

After Spain's loss to Switzerland, one of the journalists present asked if he was going to make many changes to face Portugal. Furious, Luis Enrique was emphatic that he was the coach and added that the job of coach is more difficult than being a journalist.

"Now I'm preparing the team to play a final and I'll select the starting eleven I think is the best. Does it mean that there will be many changes? You will have to work on that, try to think as coaches, which is more difficult than being journalists, I think", fired Luis Enrique.

As a half apology, he then added his reasons: "At least I think so. You analyze this things after the match has ended. I have to do it beforehand. I have to think how the match will go, what team will [Portugal manager] Mr Santos play and how my players are feeling, depending on how I see them during training. I'm not saying your job is easy, I wouldn't want to do it, I haven't got the faintest idea of journalism".

It's far from the first time Luis Enrique clashes with the Spanish press. Back in October 2021 he made it clear he did not care for their take: "I don't read the press because I think I know more about football than most and because I have more information than them. There is not an opinion that I can read that could interest me".

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