"I've been sacked every week": Pochettino incredibly calm about his future

"I've been sacked every week": Pochettino incredibly calm about his future

Por: Fernando RomeroMartes 7 Jun 2022

 Being the manager of any big side is like being sit under the Sword of Damocles. No matter how good to are, how well you do, how much you win, you're always a few bad decisions away from getting the sack. While this must be no surprise for PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino, his current situation at the French club is very much like that.

Mauricio Pochettino kept his best player in Kylian Mbappe, but it may be to his detriment if rumours are to be believed

Long rumoured to have the sack looming over his head and with just one year on his contract, the Argentine manager spoke with Catalan TV media Esport3 about his current situation. Despite all that is rumoured, Pochettino claims to remain calm about his future: "I have another year left on my contract and there are lots of rumours. I've been sacked every week [according to the rumours/media], being at PSG brings with it that kind of thing. The club is trying to reinvent itself. The president [Nasser Al-Khelaifi] will soon explain his new project, but I am calm."

While it is true that PSG seems to be working on a re-shaping of their project, whether that includes Poch or not is highly debatable, with some versions claiming  newly-arrived sporting director Luis Campos has been tasked with providing a list potential replacements for the Argentine.

Pochettino, however, trusts his skill as a coach: "To get to PSG you have to be a good manager, and after one and a half years I feel like one of the best. Managing a dressing room with that many stars has been a daily learning experience. We were so close to knocking out Real Madrid, as Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool were. I think we were far better, but we lacked that final touch. If the objective is to win the Champions League, it makes sense that that kind of [post-match] turmoil would take place".

Mauricio Pochettino thinks they were the better side in their Champions League clash with Real Madrid

"The turmoil started after the defeat to Real Madrid. We won the league, as other managers did like Blanc and Ancelotti", pointed out Pochettino, but he tries to remain unphased by the result that may prove too much for him to endure. For the Argentine, it's a matter of time, not of personnel:  "I like Manchester City because they gave Pep Guardiola the chance to build. They gave him time. You need that at PSG too. By giving some serenity to the project, we'll be close to winning the Champions League".

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