The LAST MINUTE offer that could lure Frenkie de Jong to the Premier League

The LAST MINUTE offer that could lure Frenkie de Jong to the Premier League

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 3 Ago 2022

 It may seem incredible, but we're coming to another chapter of Frenkie de Jong's summer-long saga. We 've had ups and downs, and everyone giving their take on the whole thing. However, this time it's not even about Manchester United or FC Barcelona. A new contender has entered the ring and they're sparing no punches: Chelsea FC.

Could De Jong be wearing a Blue shirt very soon?

According to rumours, the Blues are convinced that the can go one step further than their United rivals have and actually sign De Jong. As reports would have it, Chelsea are moving at lightning speed in negotiations with Barcelona, to close the deal before the start of the new season. 

The 25 year old Dutch midfielder has been the focus of this summer's biggest transfer sagas. Despite Barcelona accepting a deal of over £70 million from Manchester United, De Jong has rejected their approaches, declaring that he's happy at his current club, while those close to him have implied that he has no interest in joining Manchester United, regardless of whether Erik ten Hag is their manager or not. This is a complication to Barcelona, so due to their dire financial situation, the Catalan giants have given De Jong an ultimatum: lower his wages or quit the team

In this, however, Chelsea have two weapons that their Red Devil rivals lack. For the one part, they can offer Champions League football for the coming season, which according to Spanish newspaper Sport makes them immediately a more interesting option for De Jong

They also have two players Barcelona are interested in, Marcos Alonso and Cesar Azpilicueta, who could be included in the deal, although the Blaugrana team is reportedly asking for the same fee they requested of Manchester United, around £70 million for the intial fee. 

Thomas Tuchel has spoken about his frustration this transfer window

As for now, negotiations are still in progress, but Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is insistent on having the full squad complete as soon as possible, with their Premier League debut coming on August 6, against Everton at Goodison Park.

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