Bayern LEGEND hits at directors over Lewandowski issue: "Makes no sense"

Bayern LEGEND hits at directors over Lewandowski issue: "Makes no sense"

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 6 Jul 2022

 When it comes to Robert Lewandowski and his desire to move away from Bayern Munich, everybody's got their take. The player has been in the press many times expressing his desire to leave. The club officials have always said there's no chance. His teammates are grumbling about it. And even a former Bayern president spoke in the matter. Now, it's the turn for another Bayern legend to give his opinion: Ottmar Hitzfeld.

Robert Lewandowski wants to end his Bayern Munich stint, but the German club won't let go of him for cheap

The German was manager of the Bavarian giants on two spells, between 1998 and 2004, and then between 2007 and 2008. With Hitzfeld at the helm, Bayern won five Bundesligas and the UEFA Champions League in 2001, as well as that year's Intercontinental Cup.

It's then clear that he's an authorized voice when it comes to the management of top clubs and winning teams, but what he had to say may not be pleasant news for the Bayern higher-ups. "If Lewandowski wants to go, then let him go, it doesn't make sense to continue together", Hitzfeld told Munich newspaper Abendzeitung.

According to the their former manager, Bayern Munich are doing themselves more harm than good with this whole situation, and it could all backfire on them. "When all is said and done, all players want to have success. But the entire Bayern entourage is naturally annoyed due to the actions of Lewandowski", explained Hitzfeld.

Ottmar Hitzfeld brought Bayern Munich their first European crown in 25 years in 2001

So far, Bayern Munich has rejected every offer Barcelona has made for Robert Lewandowski. German journalist Raphael Honigstein joked earlier this week saying that Bayern would want all the money up front as they "don't believe Barcelona will still exist in two or three years". Despite the comments setting off the alarms of everyone who failed to see the humour in the remarks, Barcelona's latest bid amounted to 40 million euros plus addons. However, after Bayern rejected it, it was reported that the Catalan club would not be making any further bids for the time being

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