Real Madrid`s ultimate dram team: Di Stefano, Ronaldo, no Benzema

Real Madrid`s ultimate dram team: Di Stefano, Ronaldo, no Benzema

Los Blancos got a lot of legends in their history, what if they form a team?

Por: Bautista GallegoJueves 15 Sep 2022

Real Madrid is considered by many the best club in the whole world, and it has its arguments: fourteen times Champions League winner, 35 Spanish leagues, four Club World Cups, two UEFA Cup, and 19 Copa Del Rey, without taking on count the Intercontinental Cup and more domestic titles.

Los Blancos featured some of the best players in history to reach all that glory. Is not a coincidence that almost every player's dream is to play someday in the Santiago Bernabeu, history was made there.

Obviously, in 120 years of history is not easy to select only eleven players and make a starting team with all those legends, but here we will try to make one, based on titles and how much Madridistas love him.

Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas. Most fans doubted him the day he reached the top team due to his low length. But 20 years at the club with three Champions Leagues, 19 titles and a World Cup with Spain made Iker a player for the history books.

Casillas is considered by many the beast goalkeeper in history

Casillas is considered by many the beast goalkeeper in history

Defense: Sergio Ramos, Manolo Sanchís, Fernando Hierro, Roberto Carlos. We can count 2486 matches with the white shirt with the four of them. Sanchís is the defender with the most caps in the club's history, Ramos was the captain of the most successful Real team in history, winning four Champions (Three of them consecutive), while Hierro and Roberto both were team-mates and reach European glory three times.

Midfielders: Zinedine Zidane, Guti Haz, Luka Modric. The Frenchman is class in every aspect, as a player, he conquer the world with France and Real, while as a manager he was the manager of Ramos's captained team, Zinedine is of the most loved persons by Madridistas. Guti got 542 appearances, played his whole career at the club except the last year, and won 12 trophies. For his part, Modric was and is the main architect of Zidane`s team. Huge player, huge personality, and huge winning history.

Strikers: Alfredo Di Stefano, Cristiano Ronaldo, Raúl. What to say about them? Alfredo and Cristiano are considered two of the best players in history. Seven golden balls, 670 goals, and many trophies are what these two got together. Meanwhile, Raúl is the player with the most matches played at the club, 741. He managed to score 323 and get five times the best player of the year in Spain, out of 12 seasons.

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