ANCELOTTI: "We think about winning the 14th, nothing more"

ANCELOTTI: "We think about winning the 14th, nothing more"

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 19 May 2022 10 horas atrás

 Few men can boast to be experienced when it comes to facing the high stakes environment of a Champions League final, but Carlo Ancelotti is certainly one of those men. Next Saturday, the Italian will be entering the pitch to take place in his seventh European final, if you count the two he won as a player with AC Milan.

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti

Carletto spoke with the Spanish press ahead of Real Madrid's last league game, hosting Real Betis, and he referred to a number of news surrounding the Merengue club, like key signings and the expectations ahead of the UCL final.

"I don't think about the issue of Mbappe, I only think about the final", said the Italian when asked about the French striker. As rumours keep going back and forth, Ancelotti remains focused with the task at hand. "You are always a bit worried about a final against such a strong rival, but we're very happy and enjoying it".

 "Nobody asks me about this because I don't go to the street. I go to Valdebebas, to the car and to my house", joked the Italian when asked if people chase him around the streets for news on Mbappé, " The Madrid fan is excited about the Champions League final and we think about winning the 14th, nothing more".  

With such a key match coming up, preparation and man management is bound to be key. Ancelotti was very clear on the matter: "Liverpool has had less time than us to prepare because they're still fighting for the league. We've had more time to ponder about the match, but I don't think it will affect us. We're prepared".

Gareth Bale was a key man the last time Real Madrid and Liverpool faced each other in a Champions League final, but his time at Madrid draws near to the end

In that regard, it seems like there will be little to no modifications to Real Madrid's starting eleven for the final: "I have no doubt about the eleven that will start in Paris", said Ancelotti. "My only doubt is who will be more important. If those who start or those who finish the game".

With Gareth Bale's time at Real Madrid ending very soon, the manager was asked about whether he'll be on the pitch in his last league match: " Bale has trained and is still not one hundred percent. His contract will be soon over, whether he plays tomorrow or not is not important. Bale has been part of the history of this club and he is going to remain in the memory of the history of Madrid. He has been important in the Champions League and Cup finals... It is normal for every fan to recognize this".

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