SAID NO TO REAL MADRID: Kevin de Bruyne refused the Merengues three times

SAID NO TO REAL MADRID: Kevin de Bruyne refused the Merengues three times

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 18 May 2022

 Florentino Pérez can't understand it. It has happened before (most famously with Francesco Totti), but it is rare when a world superstar says no three times to Real Madrid. Who wouldn't want to play for the Spanish giants? Considered the best club in the world by all those who have played for the club and many other footballers, Real Madrid is an absolute dream for any footballer, a temptation to which it is almost impossible to say no.

However, there is now once again a footballer who has refused the Merengues: Kevin de Bruyne. The Belgian, a star for Manchester City has refused to wear the white shirt.

De Bruyne, who first entered public consciousness at Genk in Belgium and moved to Chelsea in England at the age of 21, only recently began to succeed at VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga, between 2013 and 2015. It was then that City decided to sign him, paying the massive sum of 75 million euros. At that time, between July and August 2015, was when he gave the "first no" to Real Madrid. Los Blancos were one of the interested parties, but it wasn't to be.

The second rejection occurred two years ago, in 2020: Real Madrid became interested again and made direct contact: "De Bruyne's representative met with José Ángel Sánchez two seasons ago to discuss the player signing for Real Madrid and it didn't work ou. I don't know the reasons, but that's why I think he's not going to come here." 

Kevin De Bruyne is happy at Manchester City

The third failed attempt was in the last European summer market. Real Madrid, aware that the Mbappé transfer could not be done at that time, wanted to close down a superstar signing no matter what and they went for De Bruyne once more. Once again, they received a no for an answer. De Bruyne is more than comfortable with the Citizen team under Guardiola, although he recognizes the greatness of the Spaniards: "Real Madrid is one of the best in the world, everyone wants to watch this game" he had said before the Champions League semi-finals. Will there be a fourth time?

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