Record numbers: PSG record revenue after Messi signing

Record numbers: PSG record revenue after Messi signing

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 16 May 2022 16 horas atrás

 When a big club signs a top player, they can look at it one of two ways: it's either an expense, or an investment. Regardless of performance on the pitch, big names bring big money and it has been no different for Paris Saint Germain and their signing of Lionel Messi

The Argentine star drew criticism for the performances on the pitch from various French media, but on the economic front he's been performing spectacular. Club sources confirmed to news agency EFE that the club has reported a record income from sponsors, reaching 300 million euros.

Messi's arrival at PSG sent shockwaves through the football world

This represents an increase in PSG's commercial income  at about by 13% compared to 2020-2021. It's also worth saying that according to market sources consulted by EFE, the sale of PSG shirts this season has already exceeded one million units, 60% of them with Messi's number 30 on their back.

That way, PSG will reach the end of the 2021-2022 season with total revenues of 700 million euros, very close to those reported by European giants such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

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