Conte on Harry Kane: "I hope he stays"

Conte on Harry Kane: "I hope he stays"

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 16 May 2022

 Antonio Conte has Tottenham Hotspur on the verge of a return to the UEFA Champions League. After a two-season absence in Europe's top competiton, the Italian manager just needs two more points that North London derby rivals Arsenal to make the much-expected come back.

Kane has been Tottenham's key man for long time now

Key in all his team's efforts has been forward Harry Kane. The home-grown player has 16 goals in 36 appearances for Tottenham this season; most importantly, however, he's their best player and the one that gets the team going when things aren't looking good.

Conte knows all this, and that's probably the reason he's so keen on Kane remaining a Tottenham player for the forseeable future: "I have said I am a big fan of his and we got on really well so of course it would be great for the club if he stays".

However, the Italian knows this might not be possible, particularly if Tottenham fails to get that coveted fourth spot on the table. "Like I have said, that is his decision, he's his own man I'm sure he will talk to the club and decide on his future. For our point of view, we are all enjoying working with him. He has worked really hard while he has been here, he's a great guy, a really passionate man so whatever his decision is you have to respect it but for sure I am enjoying it and I know the boys are enjoying working with him."

Kane for his own part has also enjoyed working with the former Chelsea manager: I think the manager's ideas are really getting into us now. We have still got work to do of course but when we look at where we were to where we are now we can be proud of that. We have got to have one final push next Sunday against Norwich and see where we end up".

Conte's Tottenham tenure struggled to gather steam but seems to be firing on all cylinders now

It's also worth mentioning that the list of possible destinations for Kane has shrinked, as Manchester City's signing of Erling Haaland means there's one less viable option for he to move to. Only time will tell if the England captain will take his goals to pastures new or if he remains a Hotspur for life.

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