De Jong woud have already CHOSEN his next club and it's NOT in England

De Jong woud have already CHOSEN his next club and it's NOT in England

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 18 Jul 2022

 The story of Frenkie de Jong and his potential move away from Barcelona now takes another turn, and it's bad news for Manchester United. It's a rare occasion that a player has such a big say on whether a move gets done or not. However, in the case of De Jong, it's looking like not only he'll have the final decision, but he's even decided where he'd like to move.

Frenkie de Jong seems to hold all the cards in his future move

At least, that's according to Spanish newspaper Sport, who are reporting that the only option for Frenkie de Jong and his entourage, should he leave Barcelona, will be Bayern Munich.

Despite the influence of Erik ten Hag, the Dutch midfielder remains every bit as hesitant and uninterested in a move to Old Trafford. "It is impossible for me to leave", de Jong would have confessed to his teammates, as it has recently come up that he had already rejected offers from the Premier League when he first moved away from Ajax. Put simply, Frenkie de Jong does not want to play in England.

Germany? That would be a different thing. According to Sport, De Jong would favour a move to Bayern should he be forced to leave Barcelona, as he understands the style of play and identity of the club, and the similarities with Dutch culture would also entice him. Even more so, recently another factor has been added, as the Bavarian giants have recently added to their squad his good friend Matthjis de Ligt.

If Barcelona wants to shift Frenkie de Jong, they better call Bayern Munich

For Barcelona, it's a good option, but a tricky one. Relations between the Catalan club and Bayern Munich aren't at a high after the Lewandowski issue, so negotiations would be tricky. However, with Frenkie de Jong set to reject the advances from Manchester United and refusing to lower his wages, it might be an option to think about.

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