Can Liverpool replace Sadio Mané? How?

Can Liverpool replace Sadio Mané? How?

Klopp may struggle to find a replacement for the Senegalese

Por: Bautista GallegoViernes 17 Jun 2022

After seven years, Sadio Mané is leaving Liverpool. The Reds have accepted Bayern`s Munich 35M Pounds offer for the Senegalese and Jurgen Klopp will lose one of his most important players since his arrival at Anfield.

Replacing Mané is not going to be easy. The left-winger scored sixteen goals and made four assists during the 34 games in which he was a starter out of the 38 matchdays disputed in the last Premier League, meaning that former Southampton player took part of the starting eleven in 84% of the whole season, being the third more used men by Klopp behind Alisson and Robertson.

Also, his departure means losing a key man in the German manager's tactics and Red`s playing style, as they use to play with two inverted foot wingers that help defend, score goals and assist a central striker and the offensive midfielders that penetrates the area to score.

The Senegalese was key for Klopp

The Senegalese was key for Klopp

Although it is not that easy to replace a player that scored 120 goals during his stay at Anfield, the Reds have two options: Sticking to what they have in the squad or buying a new striker that can deliver the speed and precision Mané has.

The first one may be the easy one and could work, as Klopp can keep Mohamed Salah on the right side, Luis Diaz on the left, and fill the center position with Diogo Jota or Roberto Firmino, both players that already demonstrated their quality.

The second option seems to be the difficult one. There are not many players with Sadio`s level in the world, and the ones who perform in their clubs, are not for sale or have a huge release clause, like Vinicius Junior (One Billion Euros) or Kylian Mbappe (500M Euros).

Nevertheless, Jurgen Klopp always manages to make a competitive team, as we hope Liverpool, choosing any of the two options mentioned, keeps playing the same way and delivering excellent football shows such as the ones they got us used to with Sadio Mané in the team.

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