Top 5: BEST movies and TV shows about football

Top 5: BEST movies and TV shows about football

Por: Nicolás SasuJueves 30 Jun 2022

Football is the most famous and played sport in the world. And obviously, that enormous popularity caught the attention of hundreds of Hollywood directors, who decided to create a football story into a movie or TV show. For these reasons, we have decided to create a Top 5 of the best audiovisual productions that exist of football.

Victory - 1981

The film was inspired by a true event called The Death Match. The story is about a group of FC Dynamo Kyiv players who were captured by the Germans during World War II. This group of players will form FC Start and will face Germany in a soccer match. This film has the participation of actor Sylvester Stallone and players such as Pelé, Bobby Moore and Osvaldo Ardiles.

Pelé and Sylvester Stallone in the same movie

Goal! - 2006

This is probably the most famous football movie. The story is about a Mexican player named Santiago Muñez, who is a very talented and skilled player. However, his family is poor and because of this, Santiago has to work long hours, which almost destroys his dream of being a football player. But everything changes, when he is observed by a scout from Newcastle (England), who will get him a tryout on that team.

Santiago Muñez, the future star of Newcastle

Captain Tsubasa - 1983

If you are from the generation of the 70s, 80s and even 90s, you will surely remember the story of Oliver Atom with great affection. The story is about a Japanese boy who dreams of being a professional football player and being a world champion with Japan. Many of us probably remember those impossible plays, those scenes where we felt that the court was gigantic. Be that as it may, it is undeniable that this series is present in our hearts.

Green Street Hooligans - 2005

This film is not strictly about football, but it does tell about a problem in this sport, violence. In this case, it is about British fans of West Ham and Milwall, who fight each other for the historic rivalry between their clubs. These fans or "Hooligans" are known for causing vandalism and causing disturbances inside and outside football stadiums.

The film talks about British violence in football

Shaolin Soccer - 2001

Perhaps this is the strangest "football" movie of all. The story tells about a former professional player from China who meets a young martial arts student. Thanks to this meeting, the footballer will discover that martial arts can also be used as a tool in football. For these reasons, both decide to create a team of players made up of Shaolin monks.

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