Official: Luis Suárez leaves Atlético de Madrid

Official: Luis Suárez leaves Atlético de Madrid

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 16 May 2022 16 horas atrás

 It's official: Luis Suárez will be leaving Atlético Madrid. After two seasons defending the Colchonero's shirt, the end has come. The club made it official by announcing that they will pay tribute to him at the end of the match against Sevilla, at the Wanda Metropolitano. Suárez won't be the only departure, but also Héctor Herrera, who already has everything ready to play in the MLS.

Suárez arrived to Atlético in September 2020, after a traumatic departure from FC Barcelona, having played his last game in 2-8 defeat against Bayern. Atlético received him as a star and Suárez responded with 21 goals and a La Liga title.

In this 2021-22 course, things weren't as good since Simeone decided to bench him, although he participated on most matches as a key substitution. About his future, there was even speculation with a return to FC Barcelona, but nothing came of it. Suáres wants to continue playing for a club in Europe, but there are no offers in this regard.

The image of Suárez crying on a video call with his family after Atlético's league win became iconic and a showing of how hard those last months had been for the Uruguayan

On the farewell message, the president of Atlético, Enrique Cerezo, spoke with respect: "Luis Suárez is a magnificent player. I met him when they arrived. He is a player who deserves everything in this club and will have a very prominent place in the museum We have and will have great memories of him. He has been one of those who has achieved a league title that has not been achieved for a while. He deserves an important gap".

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