SHOCKER: Lukaku willing to leave a fortune at the table for Inter return

SHOCKER: Lukaku willing to leave a fortune at the table for Inter return

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 2 Jun 2022

 These days, signings in football rarely work as expected. In the same week that it was announced Paul Pogba was waliking away from Manchester United leaving more doubts than certainties and Lyon will be going after former player Alexandre Lacazette who hasn't enjoyed the best of times at Arsenal, it looks like there will be another painful divorce, that of Romelu Lukaku and Chelsea.

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku

It has been a torrid season for the Belgium striker, with meagre return of 15 goals in 44 games for him, and clashing repeatedly with manager Thomas Tuchel. Now, it's looking like he'll do anything to move away (for the second time) from West London.

As reported by UK newspaper Daily Mail, the big Belgian striker would be open to move back to Inter Milan, even if it means taking a wages close to that which he earned after he moved to the Italian club in 2019. This would mean he would be reducing his wages to around 145 thousand euros a week, or around 3 million euros a year less than he earns currently at Chelsea.

While Lukaku had expressed previously a desire to move back eventually to Italy, saying in an interview at the end of last year:  "I know I will return to Inter, I really hope so". However, now it's looking like more a burning desire than a hope, a determination to leave the influence of Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel behind, sparing no expense to do so.

Lukaku never enjoyed the best relationship with Tuchel

Romelu Lukaku moved from Inter Milan to Chelsea in 2021, at the cost of over 110 million euros to the English club. In his single season at the club, he scored just 8 goals in the Premier League, failing to build trust with his teammates and coach.

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