Who are the MOST CONFIDENT Premier League fans? These are the results

Who are the MOST CONFIDENT Premier League fans? These are the results

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 1 Ago 2022

Every fan loves their team, but at the end of the day no all are as confident in the players defending their beloved colours, and while some are blinded by their love, others remain skeptical. Be it critical thinking, self-doubt or plain old cynicism, every fan feels different about how well their team will do... and you won't believe who the most boastful are according to a study done with the Premier League.

Manchester City fans are living a golden era

Ultramodern technology was employed in a study commissioned by UK television network BT Sport to determine whether or not fans actually believe the forecasts they have made for the upcoming season. In collaboration with Imperial College London, a group of neuroscientists examined football fans' perceptions before the upcoming season using cutting-edge functional MRI equipment, and the results were revealing.

The most confident fanbase in English football right now are none other than the Citizens. According to the survey, 80% of Manchester City supporters believe their side will win the league this coming season, while MRI technology shows 48% of the Sky Blues fans are either confident or very confident in their ability to forecast the standings.

It's no surprise they're so confident, having won four out of the five last Premier League titles, with a team run by Pep Guardiola that keeps on beating records, and now with the addition of one of the world's best strikers in Erling Haaland.

Much like last season's table, it's 2nd place for Liverpool. Only 33% of Reds supporters were proven to be confident in their predictions, and only 69% of Reds followers believe they will win the league. You've got to wonder if last week's Community Shield win has boosted their hopes.

Newcastle fans are hopeful the good times could return soon

There were other, more surprising takes. Following the club's Saudi-backed takeover last year, there is renewed confidence at Newcastle, and 77% of Magpies supporters think their team will win the Premier League title within the next ten years. Also, the majority of English football fans (64%) and over half (48%) of Manchester United's supporters believe the team will never again achieve the degree of success they did under Sir Alex Ferguson. It just goes to show that winning and investment breeds confindence not just on the players, but also the fans.

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