GREAT NEWS: Premier League unanimously agree on pro-fans idea

GREAT NEWS: Premier League unanimously agree on pro-fans idea

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 9 Jun 2022

 Football is of the fans and for the fans. That should never be put into question. However, in this modern age, with the game ever more sanitized for worldwide consumption, some old customs are in peril of being forgotten, and away days are one such custom.

Empty seats at the Champions League final, where Liverpool fans where attacked by the police

The broadcasting deals are a key part of a top-division club's income sources, which means the leagues have a vested interest to keep more and more fans staying home or catching matches from abroad on TV.

And yet, the Premier League seems to be taking steps to move away from the modern era TV football and go back towards some of the old customs, to have more fans travelling across the country to watch their team on away days and enjoy a different footballing experience. 

As reported by UK newspaper The Independent's journalist Miguel Delaney, Premier League clubs have unanimously agreed to cap away ticket prices at £30, with the agreement reaching the coming three seasons.

Crystal Palace players enjoy the support of their away fans

These news have been well received by fans, with many claiming that the decision should be extended to home games as well and other leagues in the English footballing system, like the EFL Championship (the second tier), where away tickets are priced at around 50 to 60 pounds. No doubt this will be a good news for English football fans and any Premier League fans who are planning to visit England.

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