"Everybody wants to feel loved": Pogba hits back at Manchester United

"Everybody wants to feel loved": Pogba hits back at Manchester United

Por: Fernando RomeroMartes 7 Jun 2022

 It has always been known in football that special players require some indulgement. From Sir Alex Ferguson meeting Cantona for tea before training to Thomas Tuchel admiting players like Neymar get a special treatment as part of "common sense", it has never been denied that it happens. It seems now that Paul Pogba has made getting that love and indulgement part of his requirements for joining any new club.

Paul Pogba didn't have much fun in his second stint with Manchester United; now he wants a club where he enjoys playing

The French midfielder is coming off from a bittersweet stint with Manchester United, where he was never to far from the criticism from the press, the insults from the fans or clashes with the staff, like it happened when he butted heads with José Mourinho. Therefore, it's only logical that he's prioritizing finding a space where he feels comfortable and allowed to have those "indulgement".

In an interview with YouTube channel UNINTERRUPTED, Pogba, who's reportedly pondering an offer to join Juventus, said: "I just want the best for me. I'm thinking, putting everything together, taking my time, and I'm just looking for the best, I want to play football, be myself always, and enjoy what I do".

For the French midfielder, his next step will be about going back to having fun playing football."I need to enjoy what I do because otherwise I cannot perform well", Pogba pointed out. "I don't want to be thinking negatively. We can be losing games, trophies but you have to be happy and enjoy yourself - that's what I'm looking for".

Pogba's brilliant performances for France in the 2018 World Cup highlighted how important it was for the midfielder to be playing a good environment to make the best of his game

It seems that regardless whether Pogba joins Juventus or any of the other top clubs chasing his signature, it will be the club that makes him feel like he will be an important part of the project that most likely will win his signature: "Everybody wants to feel loved, everyone needs that in your soul to feel appreciated. Everything you do even when you grow up, when you do a good thing you like to hear 'well done, nice'. It's always been like that, even adults need that. It's always good to feel the work you do is appreciated, that you're doing well, that people are happy with yourself".

So far, the latest news is that Pogba is weighing up a 8 million euros per season plus add-ons offer from Juventus, which would take him back to the club he left in 2016 after six years with United.

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