COSTLY MISTAKE? The absolute fortune Pogba costed Manchester United

COSTLY MISTAKE? The absolute fortune Pogba costed Manchester United

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 1 Jun 2022

 Manchester United made official the departure of Paul Pogba, which puts an end to the French midfielder's second stint at Old Trafford. A move born out of ambition and a vindication feeling, things never quite clicked for Pogba in his old club. Despite bringing home some silverware, he was constantly criticized for what was perceived as a lack of effort put in for a club that was in desperate need of hard work.

Paul Pogba could never quite settle as a Manchester United player

Conflicts with Mourinho and other teammates, constant controversies (many of which, it has to be said, had nothing to do with him) and more than one sub-par performance means it all ends in bitter disappointment for the Frenchman.

Pogba then departs the club with much less fanfare than when he arrived, being bid farewell with a simple tweet in the official account thanking him for "his service". Even then, fans were very mixed in their reaction. However, while we cannot know what his second stint at Manchester United potentially cost Pogba, we can be absolutely sure what it costed to the club.

Paul Pogba arrived to Manchester United as a 23-year-old in 2016, for a then-world-record fee of 89 million pounds. If we add to that the 16 million pounds Mino Raiola made (on just the Manchester United side) from the deal, that's 105 million pounds. Then come the wages, at a rate of 15 million pounds per year, for six seasons, making it another 90 million pounds. The numbers quickly grow of out proportion.

When all is said and done, Pogba costed Manchester United over 200 million pounds in six years. To put it context, since he played 233 matches for the Red Devils, that means every time Paul Pogba went out on the pitch for Manchester United he costed over £800,000 to the club.

Astronomical figures for such a disputed player, and one who many will feel in no way repaid those figures. It's 39 goals and 51 assists in those 233 games for Pogba, who now will most likely join Juventus hoping for a much better time in Italy, exactly like he did ten years ago.

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