EVRA'S COMEBACK: "You came to City, and we're still waiting"

EVRA'S COMEBACK: "You came to City, and we're still waiting"

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 27 May 2022 17 horas atrás

 The duel of words between Patrice Evra and Pep Guardiola just got one more chapter, and it's getting more vicious than ever. The former Manchester United defender assured at the time that Guardiola coached footballers without personality because he wanted to be in control of everything. Guardiola's response was tremendous: "I didn't see when I played against them this kind of personality, when we destroyed them".

Pep Guardiola reacted to Evra's comments

And after that, Evra stood up against Guardiola again, and was very direct: "I was very surprised that you took the time to respond to one of my comments when I was an analyst on TV. I only commented that it is difficult to be coached by Pep Guardiola when you have a great personality or character, and it happened with Ibrahimovic, Yaya Touré, Eto'o, Thierry Henry...".

However, then Evra went for it all and recalled Guardiola's record: "Now you want to get strong saying you didn't see any character when you destroyed us in the Champions League final. You're right, you destroyed me, but with Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, it's easy to win the Champions League when you have that type of player. But, since then, at Bayern Munich you wanted to play your way and they said goodbye. You came to City, and we're still waiting".

Patrice Evra wasn't too happy about Guardiola's comments

Far from holding back, Evra added: "First, I'm glad he took the time to answer me. That means I'm someone really important, even if I don't play anymore. And yes, he destroyed us, but tell me what coach wouldn't destroy any team if he has Xavi, Iniesta and Messi".

To close, Evra warned: "I think that when you start responding to people like me, it's because your seat is starting to get very hot. Now you have Haaland and you no longer have any excuses. You have no excuses. Guardiola, take care of yourself, have some have a nice vacation, and get ready for the next season, because I'm going to be here for you".

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