"He's STAYING": Key figure at PSG warns rumours are FAKE

"He's STAYING": Key figure at PSG warns rumours are FAKE

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 30 Jun 2022

 Neymar Jr. is the name in everyone's mouth, and its not precisely for a good thing. For days, it has been strongly rumoured that Paris Saint-Germain wants to get rid of him as soon as possible. However, there is a huge problem: the Brazilian's wages. 

Neymar looked set to leave PSG, but things may have changed

Reported to be 36 million euros per season, no one wants or can afford that elsewhere, not in the Premier League, much less in the Spanish or Italian leagues. Therefore, after many crazy days, it seems that sanity reigned in Paris.

The because according to French news network CNews, the man who's set to become the next PSG coach, Frenchman Christophe Galtier, has ratified that the Brazilian is staying. The reason, apart from the obvious economic one, has its footballing side and would be explained by Galtier's idea of implementing a 3-5-2 system at PSG, where Neymar would play behind the main strikers as a number 10.

With the arrival of Galtier on the bench, who comes with a "tough guy" reputiation who wouldn't stand for the Brazilian's laid back personality, the rumours of Neymar's departure started circulating. The idea was fed by PSG's directors, with Nasser Al-Khelaifi claiming that "those who aren't 200% commited should be set aside", as he commented just days ago in an interview for French newspaper Le Parisien, which many took as a warning.

Christophe Galtier will be faced with the difficult task of bridging Neymar's relationship with PSG

As thing stand, however, it will be difficult for Neymar not to continue at the Parisian club, especially since his contract runs until 2027.

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