AMAZING: Former Barcelona player looking to historic English club

AMAZING: Former Barcelona player looking to historic English club

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 15 Jun 2022

 He played for FC Barcelona, AC Milan and River Plate, among other big clubs in the world. Maxi López forged a spectacular career as a player, although always overshadowed by his problems outside of it. However, now the former footballer was able to reorder his life, get away from those problems and even afford to buy a historic English club like Birmingham City Football Club.

  Maxi Lopez watching Birmingham  

Currently, Birmingham play in the Championship (the second tier of English football) and Maxi López usually goes to watch the first team games, although nobody expected the decision to buy the club for 50 million euros and become the new owner.  

Last season, Birmingham had a really bad time because they were on the verge of being relegated to League One. The team finished 20th out of 24 clubs and ten points from being relegated. Today, the club belongs to Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited under the Chinese Paul Suen, who is the majority shareholder and seeks to sell it to recover some of the investment. Maxi López would acquire the club in conjunction with Codoma, who owns Maxco Capital in London and director of Global Stars Management in Hong Kong.

When the purchase of the English club is made official, Maxi López will become the only Argentine in the world to own a football club. It is worth remembering that Maxi López decided to retire in 2021 after playing in the lower divisions of Italy.

Maxi Lopez with Catania

"Thank you all for this beautiful journey," said Maxi López, who finished his career with 501 official matches and 127 goals: his best stint was at Calcio Catania where he scored 27 goals in 81 games.

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