Manchester United to PULL OUT of Antony deal, unless this happens

Manchester United to PULL OUT of Antony deal, unless this happens

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 3 Ago 2022

 When Manchester United announced that Erik ten Hag was going to be their next manager, many were thrilled with the news. Here was a man who knew how to build a project from the ground up, and whose players always spoke wonderfully about. Surely most will follow them to his new club, right? Well, turns out the "Ten Hag magnet" didn't have as much power as previously expected.

Erik ten Hag has proven not the have the magnetic pull with former players many expected

Not only has Frenkie de Jong so far rejected the possibility of going back to working with Ten Hag, but he's so far proven a weak link with his former club Ajax, and the best way to see this is in the Red Devils' chase of Antony.

While the Brazilian looked set for a move away from the Amsterdam club, so far this has proven very hard for Manchester United. Ajax are asking £68 million for the winger, and with no signs of reaching a compromise soon, the Red Devils are now considering pulling out of the move, according to UK news outlet Sky Sports.

That's why they're asking Antony to show them his commitment by turning in a transfer request. This would lower Ajax's negotiating power and potentially facilitate a deal being reached. However, it would also burn some bridges between him and his current club, and put him at an odd spot should the deal still fail.

Manchester United want Antony, but they're having a hard time negotiating with Ajax

As things stand, if neither Ajax lower their expectations for the player nor Antony shows some action by pushing for the deal, it's looking like Manchester United will have to pull away from the transfer, despite Erik Ten Hag's best efforts.

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