Manchester City: Guardiola's strategy and why they don't lose

Manchester City: Guardiola's strategy and why they don't lose

Pep Guardiola strategy makes City unbeatable, but why?

Por: Bautista GallegoLunes 19 Sep 2022

Manchester City is, with Tottenham Hotspur, one of the two Premier League teams that haven't lost any match since the start of the season, and also, one of only ten teams in Europe that are undefeated in their leagues.

To understand why this happens and no one yet can beat the Citizens, we need to see City's matches and analyze the strategy Pep Guardiola makes.

As always and since his times at Barca, the Spanish manager makes his teams play with short passes from the keeper's goal kick. This allows two or three midfielders, mostly Rodri and Bernardo Silva, to be in short distance with Ruben Días and Laporte, so they can pass clearly.

Also, having those four, among the wing backs Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker makes ManCity always have more players on their pitch than its rivals and get a clean pass without mattering if it is being pressed or not.

Cancelo and Walker understand Pep`s ideas perfectly

Cancelo and Walker understand Pep`s ideas perfectly

In the attack, the central sticker, Erling Haaland, makes the team a reference point that can give air to his teammates and lead the transitions. Meanwhile, both wingers, Foden and Grealish stay wide open as Cancelo and Walker occupied central positions.

At the same time the team makes these moves, the ball is controlled by the brain: Kevin De Bruyne. His huge talent and capability make him distribute the ball cleanly, shoot, or give assists with a long pass. He is the key player in the Manchester City attack.

Of course, if things don't go as planned, the stunning-quality substitutes Guardiola has on the bench can give solutions as Julian Álvarez, Riyad Mahrez, Ilkay Gundogan, and Cole Palmer are all capable of changing a match`s story.

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