SUAREZ: "There wasn't a single laugh while playing for Atlético"

SUAREZ: "There wasn't a single laugh while playing for Atlético"

Por: Fernando RomeroMartes 24 May 2022

 Luis Suárez is now without at club, following his departure from Atlético de Madrid after he was given a free transfer by the club from the Spanish capital. The Uruguayan, who also played for FC Barcelona for five years, spoke with Spanish radio network Cadena SER and compared the culture at both clubs.

Luis Suárez showed he still had what it takes with Atlético de Madrid

For Suárez, there is a clear difference in how the game is lived on either club. "I was lucky to win many titles with Barça and you didn't suffer like [with Atlético]", joked the former Ajax and Liverpool player. "[With Atlético] it was all tension, nerves in training, in games... I was used to jokes with Messi and here there wasn't single a laugh".

Clearly, life under the disciplinarian Simeone was a new experience for the Uruguay international, who played 283 games for Barcelona, scoring 198 goals in total. However, he's was also willing to admit it also made winning with Atlético a whole different experience: "It's the tension of competing. It's a special feeling to win a League at Atleti, your teammates teach you what Atleti is".

Suárez also discussed the differences in work culture at both clubs. Despite having arrived at Barcelona in his prime, he admits he was putting more of a shift the moment he put on the Colchoneros shirt: "In some games I've run more than 10 kilometres, at Barça it didn't go over 9,1. You get used to it."

Suárez missed his friend at Barcelona Lionel Messi while at Atlético de Madrid, but soon understood the differences between both clubs

The Uruguayan striker explained that his departure from the club came out of nowhere for him. No one told him that he was not going to continue, with the communication coming just the day before his farewell match. According to Suárez, he only got confirmation when Rafael Alique, Communications Director for the Madrid club told him they were preparing the farewell. "He told me that they were going to say goodbye after the game", explained Suárez. "My answer was 'well, at least someone from the club told me something'". Suárez, who scored 34 goals in 83 matches for Atlético de Madrid, is now looking for a new club.

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