"Let's not go crazy": Luis Enrique's shocking response about the Finalissima

"Let's not go crazy": Luis Enrique's shocking response about the Finalissima

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 3 Jun 2022

 Luis Enrique, coach of the Spanish National Team, downplayed Argentina's victory against Italy in the Finalissima after La Roja's 1-1 draw against Portugal on the first day of the UEFA Nations League.

Luis Enrique spoke about the match between Argentina and Italy

In dialogue with the post-match press, the former FC Barcelona coach began: "We are not going to learn nothing new about Argentina or Brazil. They are teams that have individual quality. In the case of Argentina with Leo Messi and in the case of Brazil with Neymar, Vinícius and company. They are going to be benchmarks in the World Cup without any doubt".

However, later he lowered the value of the Albiceleste team's victory at Wembley: "Let's not go crazy because they won 2-0 (it was 3-0) against Italy. Italy right now is in a period of change and weakness that can last and that it is difficult to get out of it".

Spain tied against Portugal in a match that was played at the Benito Villamarín stadium in the city of Seville. The Spaniards took the lead with a goal from Álvaro Morata and Ricardo Horta, from Sporting Braga, equalized in the second half.

Spain manager Luis Enrique wasn't all too fussed about the Finalissima

The coach was specifically asked by the FC Barcelona youth player Gavi and he was full of praise: "Gavi not only fights and runs and is top level at a defensive side, but with the ball he is a very special player, capable of making the last pass, he can also score. You will see him in the future, he has a header and overwhelming physical power. A unique player at 18 years old. I say what I see and what I feel, and I can say it and I say it very loud and proud. He is an unknown in Spanish football".

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