WOW! The longest match in history was 120 hours!

WOW! The longest match in history was 120 hours!

Por: Nicolás SasuMiércoles 22 Jun 2022

We all know that a football game lasts 90 minutes. There are tournaments such as the World Cup, where in case of a tie, 30 minutes of extra time are played. If equality persists, only then is the match defined by penalties. However, the Guinness World Record for the longest match occurred in Chile and lasted 5 whole days. No, we are not kidding. 120 hours.

This match was organized by Entel, a Chilean telecommunications company, and was played at the Estadio Bicentenario Municipal de La Florida in Santiago from May 17 to 22, 2016. The objective? Raise money for charity and motivate Chileans for the Copa América Centenario 2016, a tournament they would win a few months later. On the other hand, another objective was to beat the previous English record, a charity match that lasted 105 hours.

2,357 players were present in the longest match in history

Evelyn Carrera, the official representative of Guinness World Records, was present at the match. The rules were simple, only 22 players could play on the court at the same time and each player had to play for at least 10 minutes. In order to play 120 hours non-stop, 2,357 players were needed, of all ages, regardless of gender or nationality. There were no coaches, just people responsible for making substitutions and doctors in case of injury. And also, the match was divided into 2 halves of 60 hours each!

Among the 2,357 players on the field, there were 22 professional football players from Chile such as Guillermo Maripán, Fernando Cordero, Cristopher Toselli, Jaime Grondona and Roberto Cereceda; including former professional footballers like Nelson Tapia. Members of the Chilean Deaf and Dumb Association (ASOCH) and a group of young people with Down Syndrome also played.

When there was little left to complete the World Guinness Record, it was the turn of the professional players who took the field, displacing the other players. Each played for a minimum of 60 minutes.

They were playing for 120 hours!

In the end, the white team beat the blue team by just one goal! The result was 505-504! Not only did they hold the Guinness World Record for the longest game (120 hours), but they also set the record for the football game with the most players. "It gives me great pleasure to say that we have a new world title with 2,357 players, congratulations. You are truly incredible," said Evelyn Carrera, official Guinness World Record adjudicator.

They broke 2 records, the longest match and the match with the most players.

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