Bombshell: "In July 2023 Messi will go to play in the MLS"

Bombshell: "In July 2023 Messi will go to play in the MLS"

Por: Fernando RomeroMartes 17 May 2022

 "In July 2023, Messi will go to play in the MLS" assured the Venezuelan journalist Alex Candal, for the Fútbol Total  program of the DirecTV network. And he gave more details of the case: "Lionel Messi is going to acquire 35% of the shares of Inter Miami (David Beckham's team) and in the summer (of North America) of 2023 he will join the team."

This is not just another bit of news. If Messi is about to buy a significant percentage of shares in a club for the first time in his life, it'd likely be to play for them and possibly retire there.

Messi's time with PSG has been a mixed bag and could soon be over

It is not new, however, that Messi is related to the MLS. Since his departure from FC Barcelona, in August 2021, it was rumored that he would play a few more years in the elite of Europe and then he would head to the American league, which is one of his dreams, as he himself revealed, to give him a better quality of life to their children. Beckham's Inter Miami was always the team that sounded like destiny.

Messi himself said, after the last date of the South American Qualifiers to Qatar 2022, that "after the World Cup he will have to rethink some things" leaving a some doubts about what he would do from the second half of 2023. He has one more year of contract with PSG and an optional third but, according to this latest news, he would not make use of that third year in France. However, Messi has been an important injection of income  for PSG and they may want to keep him for another year. he will depend on the desire and motivations that the Argentine legend has.

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