UNBELIEVABLE: PSG's offer to Mbappé leaves Real Madrid outraged

UNBELIEVABLE: PSG's offer to Mbappé leaves Real Madrid outraged

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 20 May 2022

 The information coming out of Europe's main media outlet's is unanimous and along the same lines. The agreement between Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappé was complete, everything was agreed: from image rights, to net salary, taxes, transfer bonus and even marketing points such as the presentation at the Bernabéu and 20,000 printed shirts to come out on sale the day the signing by Real Madrid was made official. However, in the last hours, PSG broke it all.

A last-ditch offer, virtually handing over the keys of the club to Mbappé, makes the Frenchman doubt his word and some media are saying that the verbal agreement with Real Madrid is broken. According to EuroSport, the latest offer from the French club is of 300 million euros as a signing bonus, and a net salary of 100 million euros, which would be the best wages in football history.

Kylian Mbappe would become the best paid player in history

But in addition to these figures, there are other factors at play. Mbappé has received constant pressure from the PSG owners to remain the face of the club. Paris Saint Germain would allow Mbappé to remain in complete control of his  image rights, something that Real Madrid did not give up. The offer from Paris Saint Germain would also include direct influence on the club's decisions such as players to sign, coaches to choose and the long term project decisions.

Mbappé has also been facing pressure from Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, who wants him as France's sports ambassador and as the main image of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

At Real Madrid, disappointment is gradually turning into anger. The Spanish club feels they have been used by Mbappé and furthermore than this whole story is overshadowing the importance of the Champions League final against Liverpool in Paris, something that is virtually unspoken of in Spain, because of this transfer saga.

Communications between Real Madrid and Mbappé have been broken for three days and it is said the Frenchman will reveal his decision next weekend, after playing against Metz. "What do I wish? That Kylian stays at PSG for many years. I don't know what will happen, if he, the club, will decide, we don't know anything. We are waiting. It's not me who has to speak," PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino explained at a press conference. On the other hand, journalist Fabrizio Romano has reported Mbappé's mother commenting it was all up to her son: "We have an agreement with both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. Kylian will now decide".

This way, Mbappé has starred in what has been an electrifying week for the story of his signing. The last hours left Real Madrid in the dark as to what is happening, while Paris Saint Germain used all their resources, literally, to keep him. Within hours, it may all be over.

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