WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED: Juve schedules medicals for TOP signings

WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED: Juve schedules medicals for TOP signings

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 6 Jul 2022

 Juventus are about to get two world class players. La Vecchia Signora have lost the complete control they had on Serie A, with now two seasons back to back where the Milan clubs have gotten the best of them, halting the era of Juve dominance just short of a decade. The Bianconeri don't like this, and they're getting two top players to get back in contention: Angel Di Maria and Paul Pogba.

Paul Pogba will be returning to Juventus

Both names have been in the Juventus sphere for a long time, with negotiations stretched long as terms for contract length, wages, and bonuses were agreed. In the case of Paul Pogba, reports are talking of a four year deal, with wages at 8 million euros, while Ángel di María would sign a single season deal, for 6 million euros.

With that in mind is that Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio is reporting that Juventus have already scheduled the medical revisions for both players. "Di Maria will show up on Friday 8 July for tests, while Pogba will return to Turin on Saturday 9 July", writes Di Marzio, one of the most trusted sources for Serie A news.

For Ángel Di María it'll be his first adventure in Italian football

This undoubtedly means that, should all things go well, Juventus could be unveiling their brand new stars very soon, possibly before the end of the week, in what's surely going to be one of the biggest days in this market and a great day for any Bianconeri fans.

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