"Just DELETE it": Klopp doesn't want anyone thinking about this

"Just DELETE it": Klopp doesn't want anyone thinking about this

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 14 Jul 2022

"The day that spending 100 million is football, I'm not in the job anymore, because the game is about playing together", those were the words of Jurgen Klopp back in 2016, as he criticised the signing of Paul Pogba for Manchester United. He would end up being called a hypocrite, as he paid that sum now two times, first for Virgil Van Dijk and then for Darwin Nuñez (although both teams it would be for the total package deal). However, the German has explained himself.

Back in 2016, Jurgen Klopp said he'd never spend 100 million in a player

"When you want to sign a striker as exciting as Darwin in, it's the market and you have to pay the price. I've said so many things in my life and life caught me then later and showed me that my imagination was obviously not clear enough for how quick life can change," Klopp said about his initial stance.

"I'm not worried at all. The general judgement [on Nunez] is absolutely nil interest [to us]. It will be like this, and we all know it. It's kind of a game or a joke for some people to pick out some situations where a player's not doing well. That's only a game from [fans of] other clubs, which is normal," said the German manager, after comments on the Uruguayan's performance during Liverpool's pre-season were very negative. "Our fans probably do [the same] with signings of Manchester United. We cannot take this seriously. The only real important thing is how I judge the situation for the player and I couldn't be more calm - completely convinced about his potential".

"Actually, what our people - all Liverpool supporters in the whole world -- should know is that new players need time and get time. We should be the first ones to delete the fee we paid [from our thinking]. Just delete it - it's not important. It's like this with strikers", was Klopp's final take on the matter.

Darwin Nuñez was judged after a very bad performance against Manchester United in pre season

Jurgen Klopp signed 23-year-old Uruguayan Darwin Nuñez from Portuguese giants Benfica in deal worth 75 million euros plus another 25 million in add ons. The former Peñarol youth player is one of the most promising prospects in South American football, scoring 47 goals in 84 games across just two seasons in Portugal.

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