Jordi Alba versus Xavi Hernandez: The reasons behind the clash

Jordi Alba versus Xavi Hernandez: The reasons behind the clash

The player gave the media stunning phrases against the manager

Por: Bautista GallegoMartes 13 Sep 2022

Jordi Alba has hardly indirectly criticized his manager Xavi Hernandez with phrases he told the media after the left-back knew of the situation Barcelona got with him.

During the last day of the transfer market, FC Barcelona got an agreement with Inter Milán to give Jordi Alba on loan for a season, and, in papers, the Catalonians were going to pay 40% of the Spanish contract, while the Italians the other 60%.

Everything was agreed upon, but there was one problem: Alba didn't know that Barca was planning to transfer him. Since that, last Wednesday night the player found out because of the media, neither Xavi nor president Laporta told him.

Just two days later, the left-back, who represents the club since 2012, told the Spanish newspapers: "I like to speak to the people in the face, and people to me in the same way. I have nothing else to say although I would like to say more, in football, nothing surprises me".

Jordi Alba did not like Xavi`s attitude

Jordi Alba did not like Xavi`s attitude

The antecedents of a situation like this exist, but the other way around, as it's the first time, at least, publicly known, that Barcelona tries to make a player leave without him knowing.

Nevertheless, it happened with players trying to leave and speaking with other clubs in private, without the club knowing.

The first case we all remember is Ousmane Dembelé. The Frenchman spoke with PSG owner Al-Khelaïfi last December to join the Parisian side for free in June, but he ended up staying in Spain.

Another confirmed case was back in 2016 when goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, being a Blaugrana, told Guardiola he wanted to join Manchester City, after losing the fight for the starter goalkeeper in Barca against Marc André Ter Stegen. The Chilean ended in England for a fee of 18M.

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