He left a party at 4AM and Guardiola is FUMING with it

He left a party at 4AM and Guardiola is FUMING with it

Por: Fernando RomeroMartes 21 Jun 2022

 Angry and annoyed, Pep Guardiola can be the terror of any footballer. The intensity that he has to build teams, he also uses to maintain discipline in the team and avoid internal problems, that is why the latest image of Jack Grealish has angered people at Manchester City so much. No one will say anyone publicly nor will they criticize the footballer in front of the camera, but internally, Grealish will be reproached for the image he gave in Las Vegas.

Grealish left the party in Las Vegas at 4 am and completely drunk

The footballer ,who Manchester City paid 118 million euros, went on vacation to Las Vegas and surprised everyone by spending 94,000 euros to on 116 bottles of champagne in a VIP party in the North American city.

Some time ago Grealish was questioned about his life off the field on vacation and came out at the crossroads: "I am the most expensive British player, but I am also the Jack of Solihull that my friends and family know. I know people said the week I was doing 'too much' but I just won the Premier League. It's a dream come true. Why can't I go on holiday?".

The truth is that the images he left in Las Vegas were not the best. Currently, Grealish is in a relationship and left the place with another woman and totally drunk. In addition, the party was not only at night but also during the day. The Sun, a British media outlet, had access to exclusive information and an insider confessed that Grealish spent the day throwing a 3,500-euro rosé wine into a pool with friends and other women.

As if that were not enough, City fans recalled  on social media that Grealish's season in the team was not the best, considering that it is the most expensive purchase in the club's history. At Manchester City they know that players cannot be limited on their vacations but also the first thing they demand to take care of his image and in the board they are not in the best mood after seeing Grealish in the center of the scene and totally drunk in Las Vegas.

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