Incredible Opportunity: the Historic Italian Club You Can Buy for One Euro

Incredible Opportunity: the Historic Italian Club You Can Buy for One Euro

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 15 Jun 2022

 If you have in your savings the small sum of one euro, you can buy an Italian club that is more than 100 years old and even played in the Serie A in the early 2000s.

The team up for sale is Messina, a club located in Sicily that has been hit throughout its history by economic problems in addition to suffering sporting ups and downs.

  Associazioni Calcio Rinascita Messina  

The team, currently playing in Serie C (third division of Italian football), managed to avoid relegation and their president, Pietro Sciotto, made it clear that it was their last achievement for the club. With an economic debacle in sight, the businessman put the club up for sale and it only remains to wait for a buyer.

However, it seems that there have been no interested parties for a long time, so Sciotto has offered the club on the symbolic price of one euro. Messina fans can relax, however, as before the deadline for what would have been the definitive closure of the team, an offer came from a group of businessmen.

The Sicilians have had more than one refoundation, but the essence of the club is the same. The last time they were promoted to Serie A was in 2004. That season was their best in the top flight and they reached seventh position. 

Messina is one of the oldest teams in Italy if the date of its first foundation (December 1,1900) is taken into account. Their early years were very succesful, winning several amateur cups and, despite not having first division titles, they have in their history 10 seasons played in the highest level of the Calcio Italiano.

The good years, however, are long gone. During last season, the road to permanence in Serie C was uneven, and despite having remained in the division, they accumulated more losses (17) than wins (10). Having achieved survival, now it's time to start again, once again.

Stadio San Filippo, the home of Messina, with room for 38,700 spectators

Previously, Messina entered the spotlight for having had Marco Storari and Antonio Nocerino in their ranks, prominent players at the national level with experience also at Juventus.

Messina is not the only Sicilian team to suffer from mismanagement and lost profits in the past. Palermo and Catania are also in times of restructuring and adaptation with new owners. However, Sicilian football may find a new boost in this coming new season, with a group of Arab Sheikhs and businessmen from the United States looking to invest.

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