Guardiola at City: "If it were up to me, I could stay 10 more years"

Guardiola at City: "If it were up to me, I could stay 10 more years"

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 12 May 2022 4 días atrás

 Pep Guardiola does not rule out renewing his contract with Manchester City. Even more so, he recognized that "if he were up to me he could renew 10 more years." The Spanish manager gave an interview to Sky Sports and talked about what the future might hold for him.

"If I sign a new contract with Manchester City, I will decide at the end of next season. Not before", stated the former Bayern Munich and Barcelona manager. The key, as he pointed out, is to make sure that the chemistry between him and his squad continues: "At the end of the year we will have to see, me and the team, how we are together". "All this knowing, at the same time, that if it were up to me I could stay 10 more years with City. But I repeat, to decide this we need time", he concluded.

Guardiola and City remain in a though battle for the title this season

Guardiola arrived at Manchester City in 2016, as part of the club's owners' plans to make the Sky Blues the best team in Europe. The Spanish manager has won ten titles so far with the club, but the top prize, the UEFA Champions League, remains elusive for him (they reached the final in 2021) since he last won it in 2011 with Barcelona.

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