Wales is the priority: Bale leaves Madrid, World Cup main focus

Wales is the priority: Bale leaves Madrid, World Cup main focus

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 16 May 2022 15 horas atrás

 Gareth Bale's time at Real Madrid has never been an easy one. His performances on the pitch have at times silenced critics, but never quite banished them away.

The infamous flag "listing" Bale's priorities landed him in hot water in Spain

 Almost from the get go, the Welsh star has had to endure criticism over his enjoyment of golf, his performances with the Welsh National Team and even is dislike for team dinners. For him, his spell at los merengues has always been like being behind a glass cell, able to be closer or further from the fans and the club, but never quite able to connect.

This will soon be over. His agent,  Jonathan Barnett, spoke with newspaper Récord and confirmed what was an open secret, Bale is leaving Real Madrid. His next destination, however, remains unknown. "Gareth is leaving Real Madrid, but we have to wait for what Wales do. It all depends on whether his national team qualifies for the World Cup, then we will make a decision, which may vary if Wales go to the World Cup or not", said Barnett.

Arguably Bale's best moment with Real Madrid, scoring to win the Champions League

Regardless of the off-the-pitch controversy that has followed the Welshman at the Spanish capital, from a purely footballing standpoint his tenure at los blancos has been fantastic. Bale played 258 matches for Real Madrid, scoring 106 goals, won three LaLiga, a Copa del Rey and four Champions League medals.

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