FLORENTINO FIRES BACK: Real Madrid president won't forget about Mbappé

FLORENTINO FIRES BACK: Real Madrid president won't forget about Mbappé

Por: Fernando RomeroMartes 14 Jun 2022

 It seems now like it was ages ago, but it was actually just weeks ago that Kylian Mbappé shocked the world by doing what very few players in history have done and refusing the chance to play for Real Madrid. It seems, however, that Los Blancos are quick to forget but not so much to forgive, as Florentino Perez made it clear during the presentation of the Merengues latest signing, Frenchman Aurelién Tchouaméni.

Aurelién Tchouaméni was presented as a Real Madrid player

During the event, the Real Madrid president gave a speech, introducing Tchouaméni to the club, and while there were no mentions of Mbappé, you can read between the lines

"Congratulations because you are fulfilling your great dream of playing for Madrid", said Florentino Pérez talking to his new player. "At 22 you could choose and you have chosen this badge. From now on you are going to live unique experiences and you will feel a force that is difficult to explain, the force of the Santiago Bernabéu".

"You will have seen and they will have told you about the irrepressible magic that our stadium exudes" continued Pérez. "Madridistas are happy that a great talent like you has chosen Real Madrid. You come from a friendly club like Monaco", reflected Pérez.

 Tchouaméni and Mbappé are teammates with the French National Team

Later, when it was Aurelién Tchouaméni's time to speak, he mentioned Mbappé, who called him and tried to influence his decision: "Kylian has decided to stay at PSG. He already knew that I was surely going to leave Monaco and he wanted to know if maybe he could go to PSG, but for me my first option has always been Real Madrid. He has understood that perfectly And he's very happy for me."

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