Burnley and Leeds to complain with the Premier League regarding Everton

Burnley and Leeds to complain with the Premier League regarding Everton

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 20 May 2022 15 horas atrás

 A relegation battle is a scrap in the mud, and more so when it is about remaining in the Premier League. With the huge difference in commercial and TV money that clubs in the top flight of English football can make compared to those in the second division, they are willing to do anything to remain a Premier League side for another season.

Burnley's scrap for relegation cost his job to long time manager Sean Dyche

That is the situation for Burnley and Leeds, who are currently fighting for the last remaining spot above the relegation places. With Everton's comeback win against Crystal Palace, it's looking like it's going to be fight until the end for both northern sides... unless they can get a helping hand.

It has been reported by UK news media Sky Sports that both clubs have complained with the Premier League regarding the breaking of financial fairplay rules by Merseyside club and fellow relegation struggler Everton.

This comes after the Toffees have reported 371.8 million pounds in losses over the last three years. This would contravene Premier League rules, which state the clubs can report a maximum of 105 million pounds in losses over that period, although COVID related debt would be written off. Everton, however, have reported 170 million pounds, far more than any other club

Everton's win over Leeds earlier during the season was one of their most important in order to remain in the Premier League

The Toffees responded, with a spokesperson for the club stating that "We have worked so closely with the Premier League to make sure we are compliant and we are comfortable we have complied with the rules. External auditors have told us what we can and cannot claim against the pandemic. If clubs want to take legal action that's their decision."

Should Everton be found guilty of breaking the rules, they're bound to get a points deduction, which will most likely confine them to a relegation spot. It would be the third time the club is relegated in their history, and the first time in over 70 years.

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