English teams in UCL: What to expect

English teams in UCL: What to expect

Premier League teams will have a thought battle in Europe

Por: Bautista GallegoViernes 26 Ago 2022

22/23 UEFA Champions League groups have been drawn and the expectations are high since we have very balanced and entertaining matches as every club will try to make it into the playoffs.

Speaking about English teams, none were lucky enough in order to say they got an "easy" group like Real Madrid. All of them got difficult rivals who will compete very hard for a qualification spot.

Premier League champions, Manchester City seem to be the number one candidate to pass through, but the challenge is thought. Haaland will visit his former team as they will have to face Borussia Dortmund, which qualified for UCL as Bundesliga`s second. Also, they got to play against six-time Europe League winners Sevilla and Copenhague.

Liverpool may be the team with the least luck, as they will be face to face with Ajax, Napoli, and Rangers. The Dutch team comes as Netherlands champions and, even though they no longer have Ten Hag, knows how to play important games, while the Italians and the Scottish both play aggressive, but nice and dynamic football and will try to be the surprise of the group, leaving the Reds behind.

Henderson will try to lead Liverpool to victory again

Henderson will try to lead Liverpool to victory again

Chelsea will also have a battle. Blues have been drawn with Italian and Austrian champions AC Milan and Red Bull Salzburg. One historical team with great players that are making the club return to the glory times playing stunning football, and another one who got a squad considered by some people as the "Best young squad in the world" due to their youngsters. The other rival is Dinamo Zagreb.

Last but not least, Spurs. Conte`s side got a thought trip to Germany to beat the last Europe League winners, Frankfurt. As that was not enough, Tottenham was also drawn with Sporting CP, one of Portugal's best, and the new team of Alexis Sanchez, Olympique Marseille.

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