Alves, confidential: "I left for Juve so that Barça would value me a little more"

Alves, confidential: "I left for Juve so that Barça would value me a little more"

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 13 May 2022 3 días atrás

 After spending eight years at the highest level with FC Barcelona, in 2016, Dani Alves decided to leave the Catalan club to sign with Juventus. It was a good signing for the Italian side; a player at the top of his game but who was leaving his club due to differences with the board.

Now that he is back with FC Barcelona,  the Brazilian spoke about his departure in an interview with Catalunya Radio: "I left for Juve so that Barça would value me a little more because I had the feeling that they were pushing me to leave. I like partying and smiling, but when it comes to work, I'm very serious and I know what I can contribute. The feeling was that I wasn't being valued by some of the people".

Dani Alves left FC Barcelona for Juventus

Along the same lines, Alves added: "I thought it couldn't be like that. If both sides are't happy, the best thing is to put an end to it, that's what I thought. I wanted to spend a season at Juve and, one day, return. First season at Juve, I came back for a visit and told the managers that I was willing to return. It didn't work for reasons I won't go into."

He also recalled when he asked Bartomeu to return: "I could'be gone to City, but I signed for PSG. And, when they didn't renew my contract, I wrote to Bartomeu again. A friend put pressure on me to write to him. I wanted to help, I knew he was good. But it didn't come out. The president asked me to talk to Abidal, but I didn't want to get him into trouble; for me, he's like a brother. In the end, I went to Sao Paulo".

Finally he spoke about his return: "I fought hard to be able to return to this city, to this club, because the connection that I felt here from the first time I stepped foot in the stadium, that I wore that shirt... When I wear the Blaugrana shirt I feel powerful, I feel like a superhero who puts on his cape".

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