The INCREDIBLE club that wants to take Cristiano Ronaldo to a NEW LEAGUE

The INCREDIBLE club that wants to take Cristiano Ronaldo to a NEW LEAGUE

Por: Fernando RomeroMiércoles 3 Ago 2022

 Every year, the growing economic power of Brazilian football becomes clearer. It's no longer rare for clubs like Flamengo, Palmeiras or Atletico Mineiro to announce the signing of stars from European football. While some might point out that these are often declining names, it's still a very different story than in the rest of the continent. Now, however, one of the big Brazilian clubs are in for a name bigger than anyone else:  Cristiano Ronaldo.

Could Corinthians tempt another top Premier League name after Willian?

The club in question is Corinthians, one of the biggest and most followed clubs in the country, and while it may sound ridiculous, they're about to try it. The Timão is currently the runner-up in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, with 38 points, four points away from the leader, and still in the Copa Libertadores

In this context, club president Duílio Monteiro Alves spoke about rumours that he was planning to tempt Cristiano Ronaldo. "It's true ", he exclaimed. "I dream big. This is Corinthians. Isn't Willian here? Renato (Augusto) here?". 

"Everything can happen in football, I feel the responsability to try what is best for Corinthians. Whether it will happen or not, I don't know. If we don't try, if we don't take a shot, there's no way. But we keep an eye out. Suddenly, maybe [Ronaldo] wants to play in Brazil. Why not?!", the Corinthians president expressed.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United at all costs, but surely not to Brazil, right?

Of course, the chances of that happening are very rare. While it's not unheard of European stars trying their luck in South America (Clarence Seedorf's stint at Botafogo or Daniele de Rossi fulfilling his dream of playing for Boca Juniors come to mind), it would be very strange for Cristiano Ronaldo to make the move, as the main reason he wants to leave Manchester United is to play in the Champions League, something that (obviously) no South American side can offer.

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