NOT AGAIN? Cristiano Ronaldo's dream SHATTERS as he's rejected once more

NOT AGAIN? Cristiano Ronaldo's dream SHATTERS as he's rejected once more

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 14 Jul 2022

 Common sense would say that if one of the best players in history is out there in the market, and he's being offered to you, it'd be foolish not to take it. Well, perhaps football is full of fools, because it's strike three for Cristiano Ronaldo's dream of leaving Manchester United to play the Champions League, and this time the refusal comes from Chelsea.

Cristiano Ronaldo may have to keep on wearing the Manchester United red shirt

The Portuguese star has been eyeing a move away from Old Trafford for a while, as "personal issues" keep him away from the training ground and the team's Asian Tour. Reports would have it that he wants to leave the club as they won't be playing the Champions League next season. With the clock ticking and the end of his career coming, Ronaldo was to put himself in the best position to win every bit of silverware he can.

Manchester United, of course, isn't that place. The Red Devils are a historied club, yes, but very much one in reconstruction. It's nearing on ten years since Sir Alex Ferguson left, and the process has been long and unfruitful. They're now entering the Erik ten Hag era, making signings and looking to rebuild, but Ronaldo seems to think he doesn't have time for that.

He might have to make some, however, as it's now been three clubs that have rejected his interest. First, it was Bayern Munich; while early reports said the offer was fake, they were later confirmed by club director Oliver Kahn, who confirmed they had rejected the Portuguese star on grounds that he would not fit their philosophy.

Next, it was Paris Saint Germain's turn to decline on the offer. This time, the explanation was relating to wages and play time, with the Parisian club assessing that they did not have the money or the space in their squad to accomodate another high profile player, ruining the dream of a Messi-Ronaldo link up.

Now, it's Chelsea. Reports indicated that Ronaldo's agent, Jorge Mendes had met with the Blues' owner Todd Boehly, and that the American favoured making a big, statement signing. However, journalist Fabrizio Romano is now reporting that the move would have been turned down by none other than Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, and the German holds the final decision.

Thomas Tuchel didn't want Cristiano Ronaldo to join his squad

It's strike three for Ronaldo, who seems to be "old news" in the eyes of decision makers in top European clubs, and his dream of playing the Champions League once again remains, for now, unfulfilled.

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