Calvert Lewin's strong post on social media "Talking saved my life"

Calvert Lewin's strong post on social media "Talking saved my life"

Calvert Lewin had mental health issues

Por: Bautista GallegoMartes 24 May 2022

Everton striker Domenic Calvert-Lewin surprised every football fan with his last post on Instagram. The English spoke in-depth about an issue not often heard in the world of sport: Mental Health.

The 25-year-old footballer assured he has struggled with his mental health during the whole season, a real problem that added to the injuries that prevented him from playing that often, making the Blue's player participate in just 17 games in the season, 16 times fewer than during the 20/21 season and scoring just 5 goals, a small amount compared to last season's tally, in which he hit the net 16 times.

"On a personal note, I have had to dig deep within myself at times this season and have endured some of the most difficult times of my career and my life to date. One thing I learned this season is that everyone in whatever walk of life is fighting battles you know nothing about, and there is no shame in finding someone to talk to and being open and honest with yourself about how you really feel"

After his strong words, Calvert-Lewin also wanted to give an important message to the youth in order to help them overcome mental problems: "To all the young kings suppressing emotion I advise you to talk, to a friend, family member or someone that will listen, talking saved my life."

Fortunately, Mental Health is becoming less and less a taboo in the football environment, as the striker followed the steps of Manchester United's Pogba, who revealed to have suffered from depression multiple times in his career.

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