TENSION AT BAYERN: Squad reportedly growing tired of Lewandowski saga

TENSION AT BAYERN: Squad reportedly growing tired of Lewandowski saga

Por: Fernando RomeroJueves 23 Jun 2022

 We often think that transfer sagas affect only those involved, the player, the club, the agents, the directors. But when it becomes a long and drawn project, and particularly when the player involved is one of the biggest names in the sport and the club's history, everyone in affected. Such seems to be the case with Robert Lewandowski and his Bayern Munich teammates.

Robert Lewandowski has been pushing hard for a move to Barcelona, but that seems to have rubbed wrong on some

That's at least according to news outlet The Athletic, who are reporting that some inside the Bayern Munich dressing room are growing tired of the Polish striker's attitude.

Lewandowski has been very public about his desire to leave Bayern, saying that he no longer feels happy at the club and explaining that "something inside of him has died" and that he no longer agreed with how some things worked at the club

According to The Athletic, senior figures inside the club's dressing room aren't happy at all that he has been so public about his feelings and way things are done at the club, and think he should've conducted his affair in a more orderly, less public manner. While no names are mention, reports talk of big figures inside the squad, and they are pushing for the issue to be solved as quickly as possible.

The Bayern Munich squad is growing tired of Lewandowski's press antics

The word from Bayern Munich directors remain the same, stating that Robert Lewandowski has still one year in his contract and that the only way he'll leave is if a satisfactory offer arrives for him.

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