ATLETICO PRESIDENT: "Griezmann will continue at Atlético"

ATLETICO PRESIDENT: "Griezmann will continue at Atlético"

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 20 May 2022

 Atlético de Madrid president Enrique Cerezo spoke in a recent event about the future of some of his stars and what the future holds for the Colchoneros.

Key among the concerns was that of Antoine Griezmann's future, with interest from other clubs always lurking. "I consider Griezmann to be among the three or four best players in Europe", said Cerezo in that regard. "He is an Atlético de Madrid player, he has a contract with Atlético de Madrid and he will continue at Atlético de Madrid".

Antoine Griezmann returned to Atlético de Madrid in 2021

Regarding the cost that keeping the Frenchman at the club is imposing them, Cerezo wasn't all that worried: "I've been at this club for 35 years and what most surprises me is how concerned you lot are about the economic part of the clubs. Atlético's economy is very good and very healthy".

Other names that have floated in the market are those of Jan Oblak and Álvaro Morata. The goalkeeper is entering the last year of his contract, while it has been confirmed by Juventus that they won't activate the optional clause in his loan contract. Again, Cerezo was quite confident: "There are always rumors about everything. [Oblak] is the Atlético goalkeeper, he has a contract and it will be year from now until the same expires, maybe he will renew for 10 more years.

Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak has been part of Atlético de Madrid since 2014

"Regarding Morata, I have to tell you the truth that I don't know, he's one of our players but I don't know what's going to happen, if Juve are going to keep him, if they're not going to keep him, we don't know that".

On the matter of who could be signing in for the Colchoneros, Cerezo chose to remain cryptic: "There will always be signings, departures will be decided by the technical department".

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