BREAKING: Barcelona to make shock last minute move for Di María

BREAKING: Barcelona to make shock last minute move for Di María

Por: Fernando RomeroLunes 6 Jun 2022

 You can' just quite go to sleep with the transfermarket, can you? Even more so if you're one of the clubs taking part in the yearly merry-go-round of footballers. When something seems as good as set in stone, it crumbles before your eyes. At least that's what's seems to be happening with Argentine forward Ángel Di María and his move to Juventus.

Everything seemed set for a move to Juventus for Di María, but not anymore

When everything seemed to be done and dusted for the Argetine's move to la Vecchia Signora, it's now looking like the soon-to-be PSG player will head somewhere entirely different. According to Italian journalist Matteo Moretto, Juve delayed on the deal and now is close to losing the player.

Apparently, a last minute offer by FC Barcelona has come up, with the Catalan giants appreciating the Argentine's value his experience and adaptability, and look at him as an "instant success" solution for their attack. Di María, on the other hand, would rather go back to Spain to play his last stint of European football, a league he already knows.

According to Moretto, both the club and the player and his representatives have met and agreed terms for Di María to join Barcelona. This would leave Juventus out in the cold unless they're willing to improve the deal or tempt Di María in some other way.

Di María is now looking for a return to LaLiga, although he'll be wearing Barcelona's red and blue this time

Like we previously stated, LaLiga is a footballing scene familiar to Di María, who played for Barcelona's bitter rivals Real Madrid between 2010 and 2015, scoring 37 goals in 193 matches. The Argentina, who scored the first goal in the 2022 Finalissima, might just be about to deal another blow to Italian football in very quick succession.

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