Is it him? Manchester City's new Aguero statue looks like someone else

Is it him? Manchester City's new Aguero statue looks like someone else

Por: Fernando RomeroViernes 13 May 2022 3 días atrás

 Art is subjetive, a matter of everyone and anyone's opinion. But some times you have to wonder why do people persist with trends that have given us more laughs and headaches than actual enjoyment, and footballers statues are certainly one of those trends.

Agüero's goal at 93:20 on that final matchday has inspired plenty of tributes

Yesterday, Manchester City unveiled a statue to honour their all-time record goalscorer, Argentine star Sergio Agüero. The figure, made by award-winning sculptor Andy Scott, is meant as a tribute to the striker's achievements in a Sky Blue shirt. Unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the day the club won the Premier League on the last minute of the season, it mimics Agüero's iconic shirt-less celebration.

But... there's a problem with it: everyone seems to think it looks more like German midfielder Toni Kroos than the Argentine. Since it was pointed out by The Athletic writer Adam Clayton, the sculture has attracted more jokes than praise as the resemblance is somewhat undeniable. 

For his part, Aguero seemed very proud of the tribute done by the club, saying: "'Truthfully, it is a very beautiful thing for me, to see myself 10 years ago is very moving. In those 10 years I was able to win a lot of trophies and was able to help the club become one of the most important in the world. I am very grateful to the club for making this statue in recognition of my football career in Manchester. It is something very special."

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